Lemon Chiffon Cake with Easy Costco Cheesecake Mousse | dessertdesignlife.com Moist and light lemon chiffon cake with creamy cheesecake mousse filling, iced in whipped cream…are you drooling yet?

7 years ago last Monday, Ryan and I were married…It was a wonderful day with family, friends, and everyone had a great time. Why wouldn’t they when we plastered them with course after course of delicious food, and ended with the most amazing cake that my aunt (who incidentally also taught me how to bake and decorate cakes) and my cousin made for us. (A million thanks again Tita Jo and Christina!!!)

I thought it would be nice to make that same cake, the lemon chiffon cake with cheesecake mousse to celebrate our anniversary.. and it was just as delicious as I remember. A pillowy, soft, moist, lightly lemon flavored cake, with a cheesecake mousse filling (my favorite filling ever! thank you Costco!), and in general not overly sweet… (hold on, I need to get another slice) Read More →