Lemonade is a must for summer! Here’s a quick, easy, and fun recipe to make lemonade just like the ones from the state and county fair!

Quick and Easy Authentic State Fair Lemonade This isn’t exactly a dessert post, but with record breaking heat here in Sacramento, there’s only one thing I want. Freshly Squeezed Lemonade!

Refreshing, sweet yet tart, and always perfect for summer, especially when it just takes half a lemon, a spoonful of sugar, and literally seconds to make a fresh glass. I just made one for myself a minute ago and it’s totally hitting the spot! Read More →

Best Peach Blueberry Cobbler Ever | dessertdesignlife.com

The. Best. Peach. Cobbler. Ever.

Stop what you’re doing and make this right now. You’ll thank me later. I promise.

So it’s Farmer’s Market Sunday and we just made it before they all packed up – the best part about that is almost everything is marked down… like fresh picked juicy peaches at only $1/lb.

Which brings us to this week’s farmer’s market recipe. The ultimate fresh peach cobbler recipe (with blueberries).

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Lemon Chiffon Cake with Easy Costco Cheesecake Mousse | dessertdesignlife.com Moist and light lemon chiffon cake with creamy cheesecake mousse filling, iced in whipped cream…are you drooling yet?

7 years ago last Monday, Ryan and I were married…It was a wonderful day with family, friends, and everyone had a great time. Why wouldn’t they when we plastered them with course after course of delicious food, and ended with the most amazing cake that my aunt (who incidentally also taught me how to bake and decorate cakes) and my cousin made for us. (A million thanks again Tita Jo and Christina!!!)

I thought it would be nice to make that same cake, the lemon chiffon cake with cheesecake mousse to celebrate our anniversary.. and it was just as delicious as I remember. A pillowy, soft, moist, lightly lemon flavored cake, with a cheesecake mousse filling (my favorite filling ever! thank you Costco!), and in general not overly sweet… (hold on, I need to get another slice) Read More →

Strawberry Yogurt Creamsicles

Quick and Easy Strawberry Yogurt Creamsicles.

The girls love the farmer’s market, the girls love love LOVE strawberries… so guess what we came home with… yup, you guessed it… and it’s more strawberries than we could possibly consume before they went bad. So I decided to make Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles – with a twist! Read More →

Edited 09/29/15 – Change in recommendation of carton egg whites
Edited 01/16/15 – Tips on using SMBC under fondant added at end of post.
Edited 12/22/14 – New flavor variations added and cream cheese version modified.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Tutorial with Step by Step Pictures and over 16 delicious flavor variations | dessertdesignlife.com

Many clients I’ve worked with swear they hate buttercream because they think it’s so sickly sweet and everyone just scrapes it off their cake… until they try my buttercream. This is nothing like the “buttercream” you most likely associate with, made out of powdered sugar and Crisco. It is a european meringue buttercream (oooh fancy!) that actually uses real butter and egg whites.

It can only be described as light, satiny smooth, velvety, not super sweet, and just plain luxurious. Allow me to introduce to you swiss meringue buttercream.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Tutorial with Step by Step Pictures and over 16 delicious flavor variations | dessertdesignlife.com

Lemon Swiss Meringue Buttercream

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Look at the light texture!

Check out the fluffy texture. It almost looks like a slice of cake!

Warning: this is not your typical New York style, dense cheesecake. Despite its appearance of looking overbaked when it comes out of the oven, this is a light and creamy cheesecake recipe that’s a cross between a New York, Japanese, and European cheesecake.

This cheesecake uses a combination of cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and heavy cream.

And it’s absolutely melt in your mouth amazing.

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Best ever creamy lemon bar with buttery shortbread crust

Luscious Lemon Bars with traditional powdered sugar or a lemon meringue pie twist.

I woke up really really (really!) wanting lemon bars. It’s almost summer, and it’s the perfect time for a bright citrus dessert! I actually have been thinking about lemon bars since I decided to start writing this blog and made a list of recipes I wanted to share. Lemon bars were at the top of a very long list.

Creamy, sweet, with a fresh lemon taste and just a hint of tartness on a rich, buttery shortbread crust.. (uhhh..excuse me while I grab another lemon bar…)

Lemon Juice for Lemon Bars

Freshly squeezed lemon juice.

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Desserts fresh from the farmer's market!

Desserts fresh from the farmer’s market!


It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in California’s central valley and for me and my girls, that means it’s a trip to the farmer’s market! I first visited the Sunday Farmer’s market less than a year ago and it has been one of my girls’ favorite places to go to when the weather is nice outside.

Sweet, Plump Blueberries

Sweet, Plump Blueberries. Score!

This trip to the farmer’s market yielded juicy red strawberries and sweet, plump, blueberries among other things. So I thought, with the start of summer, it would be fitting to do some simple desserts that showcased these delicious fruits. (Disclaimer: I am mildly allergic to fresh fruits and vegetables, but the desserts looked so yummy that I couldn’t help but try them myself! Sooo worth it!)

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White Serveware is the most versatile item you can own for entertaining

I love white serving pieces big and small!

You heard me right. Though I can’t believe I’m making a fashion comparison. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m one of the least fashion forward people – my closet probably still has clothes from high school and I can’t remember the last time I went shopping for clothing for myself.

Which is why I used the little black dress as an analogy. My closet, pathetic and dated as it is, does have a few go to classic black dresses that I can dress up, dress down, accessorize, and I feel good in… and well you get the idea. Just like white dishes and serveware.

They all coordinate - can you tell which is Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or IKEA?

They all can mix and match – can you tell which is Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or IKEA?

Some may people think white serveware is boring, plain, uninspired, and just plain blah, just like black dresses. Well, in my world it’s just the opposite. It’s classic and it is the most versatile piece of serveware you can have in your kitchen arsenal. Like the little black dress, it can be dressed up, dressed down, accessorized, and food always looks good in it. Read More →

Ombre Cupcakes

Ombre Cupcakes so easy a kid can do it!


Yes, you read that right. Ombre Cupcakes by my 5-year-old daughter.

Today is Mother’s Day and my 5-year-old daughter announced this morning she wanted to make cupcakes for me. Not just any cupcakes, they had to be pretty pink cupcakes.

Alrighty then… this should be fun.

Alex found these cupcake wrappers - Better Crocker no-fade cupcake wrappers

Alex found these “mommy it’s so pretty!” cupcake liners in my supplies – Betty Crocker no-fade cupcake liners

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