My delicious and easy homemade Cheesecake Ice Cream recipe:
No ice cream machine required!

Easy No Machine Cheesecake Ice Cream |

I owe you guys a cheesecake recipe for this month’s post for The Cheesecake Project. But what’s better than cheesecake in the summer? Homemade Cheesecake Ice Cream! The best part is, you don’t even need an ice cream machine/maker!! Excited yet? I know I am!

I’ve long been tempted to make homemade ice cream, and not just any ice cream, but one of my favorite flavors: plain cheesecake ice cream, like the one at Cold Stone Creamery. No strawberries and no chunks of cheesecake folded into vanilla ice cream.

There’s just one problem: I don’t have an ice cream maker/machine. So instead, I ended up going to the store to buy a container of ice cream (though, not the flavor I was really craving).

But now that I’m planning an Ice Cream Shoppe Party for my oldest munchkin’s 6th birthday (don’t worry, I promise to share all the recipes, DIY, and design details after the party is all said and done!), I can’t stop thinking how cool it would be to have homemade ice cream for the ice cream bar I’m planning. Read More →

Look at the light texture!

Check out the fluffy texture. It almost looks like a slice of cake!

Warning: this is not your typical New York style, dense cheesecake. Despite its appearance of looking overbaked when it comes out of the oven, this is a light and creamy cheesecake recipe that’s a cross between a New York, Japanese, and European cheesecake.

This cheesecake uses a combination of cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and heavy cream.

And it’s absolutely melt in your mouth amazing.

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