The Fruit Basket Cake: Fresh fruit, an airy chiffon cake, and lightly sweetened whipped cream make a delicious dessert perfect for a special occasion.

Fruit Basket Cake Recipe | At the Sunday Farmer’s Market there continues to be an abundance of wonderful berries available so I decided to show you how to make a fruit basket cake.

What? You’ve never heard of a fruit basket cake? Believe me, I had no idea what it was myself until I moved to Sacramento and worked at a bakery. But ask anyone from Sacramento or the surrounding areas what a fruit basket cake is and chances are you’ll get a resounding “OHMYGOD I LOVE THAT CAKE!”

Essentially it is a white/yellow cake filled with fresh fruit and iced in whipped cream. Simple, classic, and oh so delicious.

Many bakeries do it differently, using different fruits. It is a cake I’ve done more times than I can remember, but until I started working at the local bakeries, I never knew there was an actual name for it. The fruit basket cake is by far the most popular cake at any bakery I’ve worked at. Fruit Basket Cake Recipe | At the bakeries where I’ve worked, it is usually filled with strawberries and bananas, but you can definitely substitute the fruit with whatever fruit you prefer. I’ve used blueberries, pineapple, kiwi, and mandarin oranges as well!

It’s probably the closest thing to a guilt-free cake you’re going to get. A client of mine even ordered this cake for a special breakfast treat once! – Cake for breakfast? I’m in!

And I’m going to show you how to make this fruit basket cake, just like they’re made at the bakery, with tips throughout the post to make it foolproof!

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My secret (well not so secret anymore!), go to, easy moist chocolate cake recipe.

Foolproof Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe |

Sorry for not posting mid week, but this past week has been extremely crazy. From cake orders from my cake studio, my 5 year old’s end of kindergarten celebrations and events (complete with cupcakes), and getting invitations designed and sent out for her 6th birthday as well, it’s been pretty hectic.

But through all the craziness, I tried to remember to take pictures of the desserts I made so I can share them all with you!

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Lemon Chiffon Cake with Easy Costco Cheesecake Mousse | Moist and light lemon chiffon cake with creamy cheesecake mousse filling, iced in whipped cream…are you drooling yet?

7 years ago last Monday, Ryan and I were married…It was a wonderful day with family, friends, and everyone had a great time. Why wouldn’t they when we plastered them with course after course of delicious food, and ended with the most amazing cake that my aunt (who incidentally also taught me how to bake and decorate cakes) and my cousin made for us. (A million thanks again Tita Jo and Christina!!!)

I thought it would be nice to make that same cake, the lemon chiffon cake with cheesecake mousse to celebrate our anniversary.. and it was just as delicious as I remember. A pillowy, soft, moist, lightly lemon flavored cake, with a cheesecake mousse filling (my favorite filling ever! thank you Costco!), and in general not overly sweet… (hold on, I need to get another slice) Read More →

Edited 09/29/15 – Change in recommendation of carton egg whites
Edited 01/16/15 – Tips on using SMBC under fondant added at end of post.
Edited 12/22/14 – New flavor variations added and cream cheese version modified.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Tutorial with Step by Step Pictures and over 16 delicious flavor variations |

Many clients I’ve worked with swear they hate buttercream because they think it’s so sickly sweet and everyone just scrapes it off their cake… until they try my buttercream. This is nothing like the “buttercream” you most likely associate with, made out of powdered sugar and Crisco. It is a european meringue buttercream (oooh fancy!) that actually uses real butter and egg whites.

It can only be described as light, satiny smooth, velvety, not super sweet, and just plain luxurious. Allow me to introduce to you swiss meringue buttercream.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Tutorial with Step by Step Pictures and over 16 delicious flavor variations |

Lemon Swiss Meringue Buttercream

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Ombre Cupcakes

Ombre Cupcakes so easy a kid can do it!


Yes, you read that right. Ombre Cupcakes by my 5-year-old daughter.

Today is Mother’s Day and my 5-year-old daughter announced this morning she wanted to make cupcakes for me. Not just any cupcakes, they had to be pretty pink cupcakes.

Alrighty then… this should be fun.

Alex found these cupcake wrappers - Better Crocker no-fade cupcake wrappers

Alex found these “mommy it’s so pretty!” cupcake liners in my supplies – Betty Crocker no-fade cupcake liners

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