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Hi everyone and welcome to dessert. design. life.dessertdesignlife.com

I’m Aileen, a dessert junkie, a design fanatic, and a lifelong event planner.(Confession: I started imagining and designing my oldest daughter’s birthday party before she was even born!)

I have always been into making cakes and desserts since before I could remember. I held my first piping bag at 5, made pie dough from scratch on my own at 7, made my first sugar flower (a wired orchid!) and decorated a wedding cake at 12. Desserts have always been a part of my life and nearly 2 decades later, it has become my career. I’ve worked in some of Sacramento’s most notable bakeries and now I’ve started my own custom dessert studio, Sweetologie Desserts by Design.

Design has also been a part of my life from the day I was born. My mother is an architect and by default, design and all forms of art have seeped into my very core. From photography and graphic design, to interior and event design, it has always been something I was passionate about. I grew up knowing who Ansel Adams was before I could read.

My family loves to throw parties, and over the years have got it down to a science. From small get togethers at home to community events at halls and grand receptions at hotel ballrooms, my family, namely my grandmother and my aunts, knew how to plan it all – and I went along for the ride and learned a lot. Since then I’ve planned birthdays, weddings, showers, and backyard barbecues and continued to learn tricks to make the next event even easier.

My love of desserts and design as well as entertaining and event planning know how have converged into this blog where I hope to share with you recipes (not just desserts!) perfect for parties as well as design and entertaining tips that can help make your next get together come together smoothly.

In this new age where events are more and more Pinterest driven, birthday parties and get togethers have somehow evolved into more than just ice cream and cake. There are beautiful pictures of these over the top parties with dessert bars, custom backgrounds, and elaborate cakes. I can’t tell you how many people came into the bakery where I used to work wanting to order an elaborate $500+, 3 tiered cake they saw on Pinterest but didn’t care what filling was inside or that it served 100 people (even though they only had 20 people coming) because it was just for display.

However, spending thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars not a reality for most (I know it’s not for me!). Most of us are on a budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a great party to be proud of. Because of that, I also want to share with you and become a resource for event styling tricks that don’t cost much but can have a huge impact.

Thanks for coming by and keep reading for more recipes and designs with entertaining (and budget!) in mind.


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